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Teaches – Urdu, Hindi 

Speaks – English, Urdu, Hindi

Teaches – Young/adults 

Has a good experience of teaching Urdu.

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About Michael

Michael is an Urdu interpreter from London in the UK. He lived in Lahore, Pakistan, for around 4 years until recently when he returned to the UK. Michael has a bachelor’s degree from University College London, in Anthropology, and masters’ degrees from Imperial College London and the London School of Economics. He first began learning Urdu around 8 years ago and reached fluency during his time living and working in Pakistan. Though not his mother-tongue, Michael is fluent in Urdu (written and spoken), as well as Hindi and is very passionate about language learning and Urdu literature.

Michael as a Teacher

Having had the experience of learning Urdu as an adult, Michael understands more than most, the challenge that learning Urdu/Hindi can be. He prides himself on being encouraging and enthusiastic about language learning and always aims to tailor his teaching to the needs of individual students. He sees engagement and interest as central factors for student progress and as a result, uses students’ own interests and goals to find engaging materials from which to learn. He takes pride in his preparation for each class and gives rapid feedback on any homework/assignments that may be set. Michael wishes to provide a relaxed, supportive and safe space where students feel engaged and free to make mistakes, something, which is essential for language learning.

His Lessons & Teaching Style

In general, Michael favours student-centred and “input” based models of learning, in-line with modern research on second language acquisition. This involves developing listening and reading skills to develop a student’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary through a wide variety of interesting and engaging approaches to understand real world content. Speaking and written skills are both a part of this approach which can be more or less emphasized according to students prioritise. Michael aims to provide content and learning resources tailored to the learner’s interests, such as short stories, novels, news reports and films. He and the learner then delve into these resources to understand how the language works and improve their fluency, vocabulary and grammar knowledge while enjoying engaging topics and subject matter. 

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