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"Learn Hindi In India With Native And Professional Teachers"

Indian lingua is a Hindi language School in Jaipur, INDIA, which conducts a variety of Hindi programs for foreigners such as: two-hour survival Hindi course, three-week intensive Hindi program, Hindi immersion program, etc. to the appropriate level of your Hindi fluency. Whether you want to learn Hindi just for traveling, for immersing yourself into the culture, or for studying in Indian universities, we have a program to meet your needs and interests. We also conduct Hindi lessons online by Skype/Zoom to help you continue to practice with experienced Hindi teachers.
Our experienced teachers not only teach their students Hindi but also help them explore our culture, lifestyle, food and music of India through their weekend workshops.

The Languages We Teach

Hindi-classes-for-foreigners-in-Jaipur India

Hindi Immersion Program

Hindi immersion program is the best program to immerse yourself deeply into the culture so as to explore Indian people’s way of life while learning Hindi in India. Students attending the Hindi immersion program are hosted by a local family in Jaipur. Our Indian host families are very friendly and on your visit, they always make sure that you feel at home. All of host families  speak Hindi and English so that you can enjoy a conversation with them while drinking warm masala tea.

Course duration – 2weeks/3weeks/4weeks

2 week program – 34 hours (3 hours every day Monday to Friday) plus 2 hours workshop every weekend(total 34 hours)

Class place – Classes are conducted at Indian Lingua school

Course price – 35000 rs/ student(classes and study material only)

Course availability – Throughout the year

Intensive Hindi Program

Three week intensive Hindi program is a very comprehensive course thoughtfully designed to teach the maximum amount of Hindi in a very short period of time. This program is suitable for those who want to learn maximum Hindi in a very short period of time available to them. Our Super-Intensive course consists of 5 Intensive classes every week and at the weekend there will be a 2 hours workshop. The Hindi workshop allows the students to practice speaking Hindi with a different topic each weekend and covers topics such as travel, shopping, Indian culture, leisure activities and explores Jaipur.

Course duration  – 2weeks/3weeks/4weeks

2 week program  – 34 hours (3 hours every day Monday to Friday)  plus 2 hours workshop every weekend(total 34 hours)

Class place – Classes are conducted at Indian Lingua school

Course price  – 35000 rupees per student (this price includes charges for classes and study material only)

Course availability –   Throughout the year

Hindi immersion program in Jaipur, India

Skype Hindi lessons are the best solution for students who want to learn online. Lessons through Skype are constructed to ensure that the student can learn the maximum amount of Hindi in virtual classroom. Everyone has different goals for wanting to learn the Hindi language so we offer a variety of course options to fit your needs. If you don’t see something that works for you, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can develop a custom course plan tailored to meet your schedule and goals










Our teaching team

Hindi teacher Mukesh



Professional Teacher

Mukesh is an experienced, skilled, dedicated,  and personable teacher who has a master’s degree in Hindi literature and linguistics and has already trained more than 1000 students. Mukesh is one of the teachers who developed a scientific and structured course called fast track to Hindi fluency. His lessons, are structured and have clear learning objectives he is able to tailor them with ease to suit the specific needs of the student.

Hindi teacher Rishi



Professional Teacher

Rishi is a driven, organized and passionate teacher of the Hindi language. His love and passion for the Hindi language is obvious. This makes him a dedicated teacher who not only is able to give a student the grammatical grounding in the language, but also gives the cultural grounding of the Hindi language and therefore imparts to the student a deeper understanding of the Hindi language. 

Hindi teacher Mridul



Professional Teacher

Mridul is an experienced and friendly and easy going  teacher who has a master’s degree in Hindi literature and linguistics and has already taught  more than 500 students. Mridul is very passionate about helping his students reach their language learning goals. He brings an excellent ability to teach as a native speaker yet understand the challenges of learning Hindi as a second language.

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