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Indian lingua's Hindi Programs

Hindi Immersion Program

Indian lingua’s Hindi immersion program is the best program to  immerse yourself deeply into the culture so as to explore Indian people’s way of life while learning Hindi in India. Students attending the Hindi immersion program is hosted by a local family in Jaipur. Our Indian host families are very friendly and during your visit, they always make sure that you feel at home. Our host families can speak   Hindi and English so, you will always have the opportunity to have a conversation with the hot masala tea.

Hindi Classes For Children

Indian Lingua Online Hindi Classes For Kids combine fun, interactive activities and immersive learning techniques. Our goal is to make learning Hindi fun, while also making sure the lessons provide a foundational understanding of the language.

Indian lingua’s Online Hindi lessons for children are conducted by certified teachers who have at least a master degree in the Hindi language or equal to. This program is highly structured, proven and scientific where teachers use a presentation and all advanced tools, such as a white board and all, to make the classes more interactive and fun. Indian lingua has created a visual based systematic program of instruction that has proven to be highly effective for students of all levels. Indian lingua’s Method is a fast and effective system for learning Hindi

Intensive Hindi Program

Three week-intensive Hindi program is a comprehensive course, designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the main objective of this course is to teach maximum Hindi in a very short period of time. This program is suitable for those who want to learn maximum Hindi in a very short period of time available to them. Our Super-Intensive course consists of 5 Intensive classes every week and at the weekend there will be a 2 hours workshop. On Hindi workshop students practice speaking, the topic of the conversation changing every weekend, covering such areas as Travel, Shopping, Indian Culture, Leisure Activities, Exploring Jaipur, speaking in Formal Situations, Socializing and Meeting People, Indian Food, Healthcare and Doctors, Sports, and much more.


Beginners Hindi Course (A1-B1)

Our well-structured Hindi course for beginners can help you get started. This Hindi program is designed with first-time learners in mind to quickly start their Hindi language learning journey. In no time at all, even a complete beginner could be capable of starting meaningful conversations and understanding basic concepts of the language through our well-structured and organized Hindi Course. We will guide you step by step through each level of your learning process while providing helpful learning tools along the way. With us as your Hindi teacher, you will achieve proficiency levels faster than ever before! 

Intermediate's Hindi Course

Indian lingua’s intermediate’s Hindi course is the best program for the students who have learnt Hindi before and and have knowledge about Hindi’s foundation. By the end of this course, students will be able to communicate their thoughts in a grammatically-precise manner that is appropriate for professional, academic, or informal situations, and students will also have the tools to understand most of the grammar choices of native Hindi speakers of different social groups.

Advanced Hindi Course

Indian lingua’s Advanced Hindi course is designed to fulfill the advanced communication needs of those who wish to communicate in an Hindi speaking environment. 
Since it is a communication/advanced course, its goal is to give the user advanced structures along with a sufficient amount of vocabulary to be used to communicate with Hindi speakers and in certain situations that the user will encounter when (s)he is traveling in India.What are you going to get from this course ?
1. After completion  of this course, you will develop skills to communicate independently, with a degree of accuracy and fluency.
2. You will be able to express more abstract and complex ideas.
3. Give the student a model by which they can continue to expand their vocabulary and sentence construction
4. Provide the student with methods and techniques by which they can continue to improve their pronunciation and confidence.

Hindi Survival Course

Two hour Hindi survival course is a short course, designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the main objective that it works as a proper tool and travelers can use it where they don’t have the option to use English or they purposely want to interact with Indian people to have fun during their travel.

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