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Upper Beginner Hindi Course

Are you ready to take your Hindi language skills to the next level? Our Upper Beginner Hindi  Course is designed for those who have some basic knowledge of Hindi and are looking to build a stronger foundation in this beautiful language. This course will help you communicate more effectively in everyday situations, expand your vocabulary, and deepen your understanding of Hindi grammar. Our experienced and skilled teachers will guide you throughout the course and help you overcome any challenges you might face during your Hindi learning journey. The friendly learning environment ensures that you enjoy your Hindi learning experience while gaining practical skills that will serve you well in the future.

upper beginner Hindi course

What you will gain from our Upper Beginner Course

 ✓   After completion of this course, you will develop skills to hold meaningful conversations on everyday topics with a great degree of accuracy and fluency.  

 ✓   You will be able to use more complex sentence structures and verb forms

 ✓   You will be able to expand your vocabulary to discuss a wide range of topics.

✓    Will enhance your confidence while communicating with native Hindi speakers.

 ✓   This course is oriented to students who want to improve their Hindi from a beginner level to an upper beginner level.

Upper Hindi Course Contents

In this lesson, you will learn the Hindi verb आना and be able to discuss skills involves describing what you can do, such as playing an instrument, cooking, or a particular sport. Simple desires pertain to expressing what you want or wish for, whether it's related to personal goals, experiences, or material things.
In this lesson, you will learn present progressive tense and be able to describe ongoing actions and situations at the current moment in Hindi
In this lesson, you will learn to make comparisons involves discussing the similarities and differences between two or more things or people.
In this lesson, you will learn the Hindi verb सकना and be able to express your capabilities and skills, as well as things you're unable to do.
In this lesson, you will learn future tense and be able to discuss future plans involves talking about what you intend to do in the future, such as travel, work, or personal goals.
In this lesson, you will learn चाहना and चाहिए and will be able to express your desires or what you want in Hindi. These verbs are essential for communicating your desires and needs effectively in Hindi. Whether you're ordering food, shopping, or simply expressing your wishes
In this lesson, you will learn the Hindi verb have to express aches, pains, sickness and your emotions or feelings.
In this lesson, you will learn how to describe other people and their personalities using possessive and present tense.
In this lesson, you will learn imperatives and be able to give Instructions and make requests in Hindi.

With Our super-intensive Hindi Course, we guarantee results in record time. Therefore, we use an accelerated, enjoyable, and 100% practical teaching methodology that will allow you to constantly absorb and practice everything, you learned 

Upper Beginner Hindi Course Features:

1. Lessons tailored to your proficiency level.

2. Engaging activities to apply learned concepts.

3. Access to online resources and exercises such as podcasts, quizzes, interactive games, Hindi stories, and worksheets.

4. Mobile app for learning on the go.

5. Regular assessment to track progress.

6. Comprehensive study material

7. Highly qualified and experienced language tutors.

8. Certificates upon completion.

9. Proven, Interactive, and fastest Hindi learning method.

10. Regular feedback and guidance from instructors.

11. Various course durations available.

12. Courses available for different language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).

13. Introduction to cultural aspects of the language for a holistic learning experience.

14. Simulated real-life scenarios for practical applications of Hindi language skills.

15. Course revisions or repeats for challenging areas.

The Best Method To Learn Hindi Fast

“Our method for learning Hindi is highly effective and has a proven track record of helping people successfully learn the language online in a short time. We call it the ‘Indian Lingua Conversational Method,’ and it involves private online classes. Our course materials are created by our experienced Hindi teachers, who have over 15 years of teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of the language. These materials include engaging presentations with dialogues based on real-life situations, along with grammar lessons and interactive exercises. It’s all designed to make learning Hindi easy and enjoyable. ‘Indian Lingua Conversational Method’ (Hindi Made Easy) is a series of presentations created to teach Hindi to students of all ages and skill levels.”

The Best Method To Learn Hindi Fast

You will get with the Hindi course

Hindi Language Learning

✓   Premium Hindi Vocabulary Builder 

One on one Hindi Classes Online

✓   Every Day Hindi Role-Plays

Learn Hindi with best online Teachers)

 ✓ Advanced Hindi Stories

What Our Happy Students & Parents Say

Based on 33 reviews
Aashish Anand
Aashish Anand
We love Sir Rishi's teaching style. His interaction with our 5 year old is awesome and he is progressing well in age appropriate langauage skills in Hindi.
Ellen Woods
Ellen Woods
I have been studying online with Rishi for over a year. During that time my confidence speaking Hindi has increased greatly. Rishi engages me in lively conversations which almost make me forget I am speaking in another language! He never hesitates to stop to clarify a grammatical issue, and provides exercises to help me practice what I am learning. He also frequently checks in with me to make sure I am getting what I need from our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Rishi as a Hindi teacher!
Letizia Rusinenti
Letizia Rusinenti
I've been studying Hindi online with Rishi for over a year now. He is a very good and patient teacher, and a really hard worker. Our lessons are fun and interesting! Rishi helps me a lot and I've been constantly improving. The material is structured and useful. Buying a plan and booking a lesson is easy and everything always runs smoothly. I really recommend the school and the teacher :)
Bhuvan Urgaonkar
Bhuvan Urgaonkar
My daughter has been learning Hindi from Rishi for the past year. It has been a wonderful experience and she has made a lot of progress with Rishi’s help and guidance. Rishi is a very engaging, capable, and empathetic teacher and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His methodology combines a variety of effective techniques including making good use of technology to keep little kids engaged. I look forward to my daughter continuing to learn and improve her Hindi in the coming years with the help of Rishi and his colleagues.
Margarete Koslowsky
Margarete Koslowsky
Rishi is super flexible and kind. He teaches pretty good and tries his best to help me understand the grammar and phrasing of the Hindi language. I personality would highly recommend him as a teacher and would take lessons with him again, if needed.
Diana Carolina Salazar
Diana Carolina Salazar
Mukesh is an excellent teacher, classes are well organized, he is very attentive and has a positive attitude. Is very easy to understand the topics as he has all the tools to explain them, he listens to my feedback and adjust the classes as we see fit. I have made amazing progress and now I can talk more confidently because he is very knowledgeable in Hindi grammar. Highly recommended!!
Alagiavanan Saravanan
Alagiavanan Saravanan
Have had the pleasure of taking Hindi classes with Rishi over a couple of years. The journey had been fulfilling, learnt Hindi from scratch and now able to speak freely with friends and native speakers. Traveled to Jaipur and lot of Northern India places, and now can easily converse and make friends. Classes started off with most importance given to grammatical sentence constructions. Rishi has a structured syllabus, which introduces you to different aspects of the language step by step. And methods used are presentations, stories, worksheets, live dialogues and take-home exercises. Before start of every class, we had casual conversations and revision of the material covered before. Rishi's passion for the language, patience to fix mistakes and have fun along the way learning this wonderful language. Wholeheartedly recommend Rishi for becoming an expert conversationalist in Hindi !
Sarah Witzig
Sarah Witzig
My detailed review of Indian Lingua, the best language school you will find in India (my review is based on the Hindi course!): I found this school based on its excellent reviews and reached out to Mukesh to express interest. I was immediately drawn to how easy he made it for me as an American visitor to Jaipur. My homestay was arranged totally by Mukesh at a lovely "homestay" (or "bed and breakfast" for those more familiar with that term) which is a 650m/0.4mile walk from the class location. I picked the package to pay for daily breakfast and dinner through Michael's homestay, which has been so nice. Every day I wake up with coffee and masala chai and some great breakfast food, and every evening I have some new delicious food like bhaingan bartha, dal, chapatti, shahi paneer and more. The price of the stay AND food is so reasonable and the host family is really sweet. The neighborhood is a very nice one, and I've found also very welcoming to foreigners. The price you pay is always at MSRP or less, and neighbors and shopkeepers are endlessly forgiving with my beginner Hindi. I chose an intensive Hindi course with Mukesh, which is structured using much of his standard curriculum, as well as room to ask a million other questions. After just a week and a half, in which I've had 40 hours of lessons, I feel much more empowered to move about the city, have conversations with kind people in Jaipur, go shopping, and have even had a five minute phone conversation with my mother-in-law only in Hindi. At the end of week 2, I had my first ever Hindi conversation with my partner, whose native language is Hindi. I was really shocked hearing my partner's voice speaking Hindi, for so long it has sounded like an incomprehensible yet beautiful language, but now I hear him in a totally different way. About the course structure: I am doing private tuition with Mukesh and sometimes Rishi. I value structure, so it's been really nice to have structured grammar and vocab lessons, which are always followed by worksheets and conversation practice to attain a deeper understanding. There's also an app which is made by Mukesh and Rishi (it's really good, better than a lot of other Hindi apps I've used). Overall, I can heartily recommend Indian Lingua as your place to start your Hindi journey or build upon a foundation of any size. Attached are a few fun photos from my time here in Jaipur.
Lexi Hawkins
Lexi Hawkins
Risih and Mukesh are excellent teachers. Very professional. They have a structured course.I have been with them for the past 6 months. I did not have any background with the Hindi language. Risih and Mukesh were both very patient with me. They have excellent teaching skills and are able to break down the grammar rules for me. I enjoy the conversation practice and the worksheets I am given. I would definitely recommend anyone to sign up for their school. You will be very satisfied with your progress in the Hindi language. It isn’t an easy language to learn but with these great teachers you will catch on!

We offer a range of Hindi courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our tailor-made lessons are designed to meet the needs of each student. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to further your knowledge of the Hindi language, we have the perfect Hindi course for you. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the language and help you to reach your goals. With our courses, you will soon be able to understand and speak Hindi with confidence.

Discover your current Hindi level by taking our free Hindi Proficiency Test.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The trial lesson is an opportunity for you to get to know how our online classes work. During the session we can get to know each other and we will explain what our methodology is and what materials we use. In addition, in the 40 minutes we will have available you can explain what your needs are, for example why you need to learn Hindi, what your preferences are in language learning, etc. Sign up for a free trial lesson.
As an Indian Lingua student, you will have an access to download the class materials after finishing the class. After your class, you will also get specific quizzes, flashcards, games, vocabulary cards with audios to help you refresh and practice what you learn in the class. All learning materials and quizzes and games are uniquely created by Indian lingua expert teachers. Sign up for a free trial lesson.
After booking a class on our platform, you will be able to join the class through Skype or Zoom. You will automatically receive a zoom link when you book a class. The teacher will introduce themselves and begin teaching the lesson using our well organised and scientific teaching materials that you will get at the end of the class. During the class, the teachers interact with the student and mainly focus on making student speak in the target language from the day one. Towards the end of the class, the teacher will recap the lesson and ensure you have understood the lesson. If you have questions and doubts later then you can directly connect with the teacher through WhatsApp.
Unlike most other online Hindi courses, ours are based on a solid methodology, with teachers well-prepared to make the best of the incredible opportunity offered by the online learning environment. We have been giving online classes for over 10 years, and have been preparing teachers as well as learning from their experiences, and hearing feedback from students, in order to offer the very highest standards of Hindi language to our students. So we go way beyond merely hooking up a student with a teacher. We have a system in place for reviewing each teacher's lesson plan with their student, and maintain an archive of lesson plans and activities. So if you need a report on what you have learned over any period of time, we can easily email this to you for your institution or organization to qualify your progress. And if you decide to pick up classes at any point in the future, we will have a detailed record of what you have already studied on hand for reference. Of course, all of this costs money, and while there may be cheaper online Hindi classes out there, we believe that quality tops quantity. Twenty hours of mediocre classes will cost you much more in the end for what you actually learn than 20 hours of quality, focused instruction.
Yes, we are a language school and like any language school, we offer in person classes as well as online classes with certified, top-notch, native speaking teachers. At Indian lingua, we believe that nothing can replace real interaction with the teacher in the class and customized feedback from an expert teacher.
Of course! Your teacher will ask you how much extra work you would like to do. In fact, being prepared to do extra work will be a key factor in your progress. Your teacher will be happy to suggest other online resources that you can follow so that you can make the most of your time with the teacher. Our teachers are experts at knowing where the gaps are in your Hindi abilities, and will always strive to give you an all-around competency rather than letting you excel in one area and fall short in another. This is something that students are often not able to see for themselves, which is why having your own live teacher is the best way to progress in learning Hindi.
Yes, Indian lingua has a learning app for vocabulary and grammar lessons. You will get learning app free when you buy a course with us.
When you sign up for your free trial class you will be directed to our booking pages where you can choose a teacher based on the course you are interested in and their availability. When you have paid for your classes you will be credited for the correct number of classes and can return to the online booking system to set up your schedule. This allows you to select a teacher who is available to teach your course at the time that you select. If you wish to continue with the same teacher you are free to do that, or you can select a new teacher. If for any reason you find that you just don't gel with your teacher you can cancel your classes with that teacher and select another who is available at suitable times.
We have created a highly interactive and structured language learning materials. With our teaching, It will take between 30-40 hours to learn Hindi language enough to converse in it comfortably on day to day basis.
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