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Staying with a Hindi host family is the best option for students who wish to learn as much Hindi as possible in the time available to them. This is because if you choose to stay with a Hindi host family you will be totally immersed in the Hindi language, with lots opportunities to practise in the family the Hindi that you learn in class.

You can choose to have bed and breakfast, half board (breakfast, plus another meal), or full board (3 meals per day). As the meals are always included in this accommodation option, many host families do not allow the students to use kitchen to make hot meals.

However, you can prepare tea/coffee, sandwich or salad if you would like to as well as use microwave and fridge.

Hindi-classes-for-foreginers-in-Jaipur India
Single rooms and twin (shared) rooms are available. If you wish to share your room, but are not travelling with a friend, you can book a twin room and we will place another student in the room with you. The other student will be of the same sex as you and we will try to ensure that the student you are sharing with is of a similar age to you. Though there may be more than one student in a host family, we normally ensure that there are never two students of the same mother tongue in a host family, unless you specifically ask to be placed in the same family as a friend or relative.


What's included ?


The accommodation is available from 12:00 noon on the Sunday prior to the first day of the course (Monday) until 12:00 noon on the Saturday following the last day of class (Friday). Those students who, for any reason (i.e. flight arrival), need their accommodation to be available before or after the above mentioned dates will be charged for any extra days needed (max. 2 days). NOTE: The students should contact our central office in order to be informed about the place and the time to pick up the keys of their rooms. The students must respect all rules and regulations set by families, residences and shared flat administrations. If there is damage to the premises, the student must pay the corresponding amount.

*Please Note*

If you wish to arrange any extra nights, or would like to share your room with a friend relative or partner who will not be attending a course at our school, please let us know. 

Please also let us know of any allergies, or other medical conditions you have that you think we should be aware of.            

Bed lien and towels are provided.

Host families agree to do one clothes wash per week.(Extra charges)

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