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Hindi Courses for foreigners(Group)

Hindi-classes-for-foreginers-in-Jaipur India

Indian lingua’s Hindi immersion program is the best program to deeply immersion into the culture to explore Indian people’s way of life while learning Hindi in India. Students attending the Hindi immersion program is hosted by a local family in Jaipur. Our Indian host families are very friendly and during your visit, they always make sure that you feel at home. Our host families can speak in both languages Hindi as well as English so, you will always have the opportunity to have a conversation with the hot masala tea.

Start Dates

Every Monday for all levels of Hindi from complete beginner to advanced.

Course Timetable

Group course is run from 09:00 till 2:00 (break included)/ 05:00 till 9:00 from Monday to Sunday

Complete Beginners

If you have no prior knowledge of Hindi you will be placed in the complete beginners' group which is open every Monday of the year.

Number of Classes

2 classes per day, 10 classes per week. 2hours Monday to Friday and weekend workshop.

Course duration

You can choose to study for any period of time from 1 week to 1 year. It is also possible to come a few times for short periods, every time continuing your learning exactly where you left it.

4 weeks course price

Course price - $39.50/Day ($1185/Month) this price includes charges for classes, home-stay,2 meals a day breakfast, either lunch or dinner and study material