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Indian Lingua provides an excellent way to Learn Hindi Online. Our Hindi lessons are made interactive, enjoyable, and engaging in order to make sure you learn the language in the most natural way possible. Our instructors are native Hindi speakers with extensive experience in teaching Hindi. They are dedicated to helping every student gain proficiency in the language. We prioritize helping you to comprehend the language and be able to confidently use it in everyday situations. We encourage you to start speaking Hindi from day one using our unique teaching approach. Our personalized lesson plans concentrate on Hindi grammar and conversational skills. 

Learn Hindi Online


Why Learn Hindi Online with Us

Are you looking for a practical and effective way to learn Hindi online? Indian Lingua has a 100% practical approach and is led by experienced and native Hindi teachers, ensuring that you’ll be conversational in just 30 days. We, at Indian Lingua, believe in making the learning process engaging and hence incorporate interactive exercises and practical conversations into our curriculum. Our years of experience in teaching and deep understanding of the language make us your best choice to learn Hindi online.

Our  Online Hindi Lessons are perfect  for you if :

Need results from first-class

✓  A 100% Practical Approach

✓ Experienced & Native Hindi Teachers

✓ Become conversational in Hindi in just 30 days. 

✓ An engaging and fun way of learning Hindi

✓ An accelerated Conversational Method

✓ 100% result-oriented study materials.

Customized Fast-Track  Hindi Fluency Courses

Hindi Courses for all level

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Learn to speak Hindi Online

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The Best Method To Learn Hindi Fast

The Best Method To Learn Hindi Fast

Our teaching method to Learn Hindi is the most effective and proven system for successfully learning the Hindi language Online in a short time is the Indian Lingua Conversational Method of private online classes. Our Hindi course materials have been written as a teaching tool by our senior experienced Hindi Teachers, who have extensive knowledge of the language given their experience of over 15 years in the field of teaching. They are specially illustrated presentations comprising of various dialogues based on natural situations with grammar modules and interactive practice exercises, all bound within a creative context. “Indian Lingua Conversational Method” (Hindi Made Easy) is a series of presentations exclusively designed to teach Hindi to students of all levels and ages.

The Best Method To Learn Hindi Fast

Begin to learn Hindi in 3 steps !


1. Schedule A TRIAL lESSON

We offer personalized lessons to fit your needs. Learn Hindi from the comfort of your own home and become immersed in the Hindi language and culture of India.Booking a lesson with Indian Lingua is quick and easy. Our online platform allows you to choose from a selection of experienced Hindi teachers based on availability, and their feedback fr om previous students. We offer a free trial class so that you can discuss your Hindi language goals and get an evaluation of your language skills and abilities with our Hindi Teachers. All time slots are displayed in your local time regardless of where you or your tutor are in the world and you can easily reschedule lessons if you need to.


2. Meet Your Teacher

Indian Lingua provides private Hindi lessons with a certified, hand-picked, native-Hindi-speaking tutor to help you achieve fluency quickly. The trial lesson is an opportunity for you to get to know how our online classes work. During the session you can get to know your teacher if he is right fit for you and he will explain what our methodology is and what materials we use. In addition, in the 40 minutes  you can explain what your needs are, for example why you need to learn Hindi, what your preferences are in Hindi language learning,

Hindi Teachers

Customized Hindi Learning plan

3. Personalized Hindi Learning Plan

We will make a customized Hindi Learning Plan for you as per your needs and interests. With our customized Hindi Lesson Plans, you can progress quickly and enjoy learning the Hindi language. Our teachers have experience teaching people of all ages and levels, so you can trust that you will get the best instruction from them. We offer flexible scheduling and tailored lessons to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience. Sign up for our Hindi Courses to start your journey to speaking Hindi fluently.

You will get with the Hindi course

Hindi Language Learning

✓   Premium Hindi Vocabulary Builder 

One on one Hindi Classes Online

✓   Every Day Hindi Role-Plays

Learn Hindi with best online Teachers)

 ✓ Advanced Hindi Stories

Learn To Speak Hindi

30 Day Hindi Language Challenge

Our 30-day Hindi language learning program is the fastest way to learn the Hindi language quickly and efficiently. We provide students with engaging and interactive lessons that are tailored to their needs and preferences. With the help of our proven, effective, and conversational teaching method, we will introduce you to new vocabulary, grammar rules, and conversational ways to help you build your proficiency. Our professional and attentive teachers will guide you through dynamic lessons, combining interactive activities, audio-visual materials, and direct practice to make learning Hindi enjoyable and rewarding. They will also adapt the content and pace of the lessons according to your needs and progress, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Beyond language instruction, our program also introduces you to Indian culture and etiquette, helping you understand the context in which Hindi is spoken and deepening your appreciation of this rich and vast language. Our focus on quickly enabling you to converse in Hindi sets us apart. Our teachers regularly engage you in realistic dialogues and encourage you to practice speaking, helping you build your confidence and fluency. All it takes to start your Hindi learning journey is 30 days. Register today! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn to speak Hindi in just a month.

✓ Personalized lessons according to one’s pace and level

✓ Convenient time slots to match your local time zone

✓ Covers various dialects and accents of Hindi Language

✓ Practical application with role-plays, scenarios, and real-time conversations

✓ Certified Completion Certificate after course completion

✓ Regular homework and assessments to track progress.

✓ Regular quizzes and exams for periodic evaluation

✓ Suitable for All children, adolescents, adults

✓ Prepares students for international Hindi proficiency tests

✓ Free trial lesson available

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With Our super-intensive Hindi Course, we guarantee results in record time. Therefore, we use an accelerated, enjoyable, and 100% practical teaching methodology that will allow you to constantly absorb and practice everything, you learned 

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Our Hindi Courses

We offer a range of Hindi courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our tailor-made lessons are designed to meet the needs of each student. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to further your knowledge of the Hindi language, we have the perfect Hindi course for you. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the language and help you to reach your goals. With our courses, you will soon be able to understand and speak Hindi with confidence.

Beginner Hindi Course

Beginner Hindi Course

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Intermediate Hindi Course

Intermediate Hindi Course

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Advanced Hindi Course

Advanced Hindi Course

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Hindi Private Tutor Lessons Online

Fast Track To Hindi Fluency

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Private Hindi Classes

Hindi Course For Children

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Hindi Test

Discover your current Hindi level by taking our free Hindi Proficiency Test.  

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