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Hindi teacher Mukesh


Professional Teacher


Teaches – Urdu, Hindi , Punjabi 

Speaks – English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

Teaches – Young/adults 

 Over 10 years of experience teaching Urdu

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Superb communication skills 100%
creative skills for planning Intresting lesons 100%

About Mukesh

Mukesh is from India. He is an experienced Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English Language teacher with a Master degree (linguistics and Hindi literature), able to teach and mentor (one-to-one) in all aspects to all age groups and levels. He taught at B.A.C collage associated with MGS University so, you can feel totally assured that He is a teacher who knows how to plan and progress suitable lessons with care and professionalism and never let people down.

Mukesh as a Teacher

Mukesh is friendly and patient and always professional and punctual. He loves teaching and engaging with others in discussion. He is passionate about education and empowering others, and strive to help students reach their educational and language-learning goals. He has taught students of all levels and can teach from complete beginner to advanced levels. He offers all levels of Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English tutoring covering the broad spectrum of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, linguistics, phonetics, creative writing, etc, as well as basic conversation skills, whilst taking into account the needs of the most important person – the student!

His Lessons & Teaching Style

He uses various technologies and a scientific and proven method to teach Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. He has developed this method with his rich 10 years of teaching experience. His lessons are customized to his students’ language needs. He has university qualifications in Linguistics. Hindi is his first language and he speak 4 languages. So He understand the challenges of learning a new language and will adapt to your level of proficiency. His lessons are fun, engaging and really focused on improving your skills.

Based on 22 reviews
Livia Frankish
Livia Frankish
My partner and I are having Urdu lessons with our teacher Michael. He’s really fantastic, he moves at our pace and teaches us language relevant for us to use at home. We have quickly learnt to read Urdu script and are gaining confidence with speaking. Every week he gives us worksheets and new vocabulary to practice. The thing that sets him apart for us is that he is an English native speaker who has become fluent in Urdu, so he’s really able to help me from that perspective, he’s able to help with overcoming particular pronunciation difficulties through his own experiences of learning the language. I’m starting to converse with my partners family in Urdu and I’m really enjoying the lessons.
Elena Kuznetsova
Elena Kuznetsova
I'm learning online hindi bhasha in this school and I like it very much! The lessons are informative, easy to understand and held in a very friendly atmosphere. I learn speaking language and my tutor gives me a lot of idioms and useful expressions of every day life. I became to know not only hindi language, but also a lot of cultural and national aspects of Indian life which is very diverse!
J Kernis
J Kernis
Mukesh provides a great balance between conversation and more formal grammar. I appreciate his clear conceptual explanations followed by practical practice that gradually increases difficulty levels. Mukesh has a variety of teaching materials, vast literary and cultural knowledge, a delightful attitude, and provides easy conversation. His knowledge, patience and encouragement have been a key to my learning to read, write, and speak Hindi. I highly recommend him.
Indian Lingua is an excellent language learning experience for me. The website facility for booking is very easy to use, and the new learning materials such as flash cards and quiz games are an excellent aid. Mukesh is a superb teacher taking me through grammar rules, pronunciation and sentence structures. I learn something new every time I have a lesson. I highly recommend Mukesh and the team at Indian Lingua.
Raluca Cojocaru
Raluca Cojocaru
I've been taking Hindi classes with Rishi for over a month and a half now. Over the years I had several teachers on 2 continents: in school and high school in Romania where originally I am from, in a British university where I've done my bachelor degree and finally in the US where I currently live. Out of all the ones that guided me in the past, Rishi stands out in particular by his teaching methods and approach to a foreign language that is difficult for Westerners. He is easy to go with, has a good sense of humor, is honest, patient and supportive. His willingness to help, explain, correct and guide you even outside your regularly scheduled class makes him a great asset. When I started to study Hindi all I knew was 'namaste' and 'shanti'. Now I can make sentences and I start recognizing words in a conversation. Therefore I highly recommend you to study with Rishi. I'm sure you'll like it and won't regret.
Vanessa Martin
Vanessa Martin
I've been taking Hindi online with Rishi for a while now. He seems to have unlimited patience! I know I'm not an easy person to teach but Rishi always encourages me in the right ways. I'm planning to take one of his intensive in-person courses when I can get back to India. Highly recommend!
Back Packer
Back Packer
I just completed a week long Hindi coarse with Indian Lingua and I can't reccoment them highly enough. Rishi and Mukesh were great teachers, as we're our hosts at the homestay. The sightseeing excursions during our down time to the local historic sights were wonderful. I cannot reccomend doing a class with them highly enough!
Charlotte Volpe
Charlotte Volpe
I took private Hindi lessons with Mukesh in Jaipur while I was a student here on another study abroad program for Hindi learning. I found Mukesh's lessons to be extremely relevant and helpful in making my Hindi more natural-sounding and advanced. Mukesh's lesson plans are explained very intuitively and helped me improve my weak spots in my Hindi. I highly recommend this school!
Garen Checkley
Garen Checkley
Bahot achii class experience hai. Highly recommend for any level.
Fanny Deng
Fanny Deng
Great atmosphere and fun classes! Best immersion experience I have ever had. I have been to Indian Lingua School for four weeks during November/December and I really enjoyed it. I have noticed my progress continue to grow steadily over the weeks. Now, I feel like I have enough Hindi to get by on my own and develop my skill independently. Understanding street chit-chat is becoming easier, watching Hindi T.V. is becoming more enjoyable, and I can usually interpret written texts. The teachers at Indian Lingua are young, fun and competent people. Rather than forcing us to fill out boring and repetitive exercise sheets, they make learning more enjoyable by providing innovative activities and games to keep the classroom engaged. Indian Lingua has their own course materials which is very interactive and is highly effective for students of all levels. The timetable is constantly rotating, so we can benefit from various styles and techniques of each teacher. The school also organised some insightful trips in the afternoons to improve our knowledge of the "culture" I made some life-long friends during my short stay thanks to Indian Lingua. I'm sad to be leaving, but hope to come back soon! I highly recommend this school to anyone considering improving their Hindi - you won't regret it!
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